Thursday, July 21, 2016

Red One

I finished Red tonight. I had forgotten that it has gone through a couple of name changes and I am still not sure this is the last.

It is actually hot to work under a quilt even doing the binding from an angle. Interesting to see some of the smaller print blocks read more solid white. They are all prints in the 'whiter' blocks. I thought about washing it but have decided to send a box of Color Catchers with some instructions. That way, if the red bleeds to pink, she will have seen it the way it was meant to look.

Technically, this would have been the last of the family quilts, except that they keep coming in with the Grands as they partner up. Children are not being born so no baby quilts in the near future.

I got invited to an October wedding and so might consider making a quilt for the newly weds. She is the younger Daughter of my high school friend, no longer with us. I cannot fly back for the MN event, but can send a gift.

Another thing that is starting are some swaps that are more interesting. I am hosting one that is for a Hallows banner. I listed three different styles and made one up today and will take a photo of it in the light of day as it is meant to hang over a window. It turned out so cute!

Tomorrow, I need to take measurements of several of my projects. I might have done that on the IMac, but am working on a PC now and don't have them. I will measure Red too.