Monday, July 25, 2016

Measuring for Batting

I got outside in my gardens about 6 am and cut more of the dead plant matter, and then filled the trash container. Once inside, all the chores beckoned me, and I made potato-leek soup. Yes, it works for me when the AC is on.

The quilting task on my plate today was to measure projects waiting for batting. Then I measured the batting pieces in the bin. I know that if they were to be joined and used, it would take more than two pieces to create the batting for one of them and that is too scrappy. I need to buy batting.

As I bind the one using poly, I realize there is a different sort of weight and warmth to that type and am considering which to purchase, either poly or cotton. In truth, I prefer the cotton and after measuring know I will need to buy at least three packages.

I am headed to the ocean at sunrise. It is a three hour drive no matter which beach we head for. Surprisingly, there is a lot of coastline that is privately owned and has no public access. The drive takes me through Bakersfield so I may stop at JoAnns and pick up some heavy weight fleece to make a single fabric Quillo. I need to look at the online pattern again to make sure what I want to do for it, and see if there is a sale or coupons.

The computer issue is still frustrating me and I need to text the geek to see if he ordered what I need here yet and if so when it is coming. I have learned a lot and adapted to what is here, but am still whining about it all.