Monday, August 1, 2016

To Make A Label

The Pacific was wonderful today. It is actually a 4-hour drive out to the western limit of Cali from the little valley I live in and that means a very small amount of time there. However, I believe that the sound of the waves hitting the sand retime my soul. Is it worth it to be on the road for 8 hours? I am still thinking about it.

My computer geek comes in the afternoon to set up a tower and tweak the SmartTV so I can make better use of it.

I finished Heart of the Piano tonight (pic tomorrow because the house is too dark for a good one to show up), and tried to use the alpha feature on my machine to make labels. Dang, I am not good at reading directions and desperately wish someone would SHOW me. I have at least four labels to make and will start working on them by embroidering the old fashioned way.

Also got the fleece for my Grandson's Quillow and some iron-on fusing for the Row by Row appliques. JoAnn's in Bakersfield has changed what merchandise they carry and the store makes me not want to shop in that location. Online seems to be the trend.