Thursday, August 18, 2016

Crafts for Hallows

Because my seasonal deadlines are creeping up, I spent the morning making some projects for Hallows. Over the last year plus, I saved some smaller, yet interestingly shaped jars to use with funny labels. I've also been buying odd things on sale that nobody wants so they can be used for apothecary contents for that scare factor.

These are some Pocket Whimsys I am making out of TP rolls. They have ribbon hangers on the top and will hold little Hallows items plus some cash for the Grand(kids & Nieces/Nephews). I need 14 of them so wanted to get started on them right away. I have a lot of smaller jars and just printed off some fun-free labels so that I can glue them on as soon as a jar is clean and ready for content.

To make memorable gifts for the kids, one has to think and plan quite far in advance just because they have to be made. I am big into re-purposing things so when I saw bottles in the stores with labels, I knew I could make my own. Thing is, people do that all the time and never take the steps to get what they see made. It just seemed so wasteful to toss jars. I have an idea for Winter Solstice gifts for them all too.

SwapBot really helps. There are a lot of creative people on that site making some very cute projects. Big for me is whether or not I can shop from my closets or cupboards, and then if it is worth my time to make the project. Sometimes I see things I like but discover how time-intensive it is and decide not to take it on.

The Pocket Whimsy project is cute and is a way to give them something non-candy. At their pre-to-post-teenage, money is the gift they will immediately appreciate. The Pocket Whimsy is for memories of things Granny (Great-Auntie) made.

And now, back to the fabric art projects. My Auntie's party is the end of this month, so that mug rug is the priority. Then, onto the wedding gift for October 1. The MR and wedding quilt are the only unfinished projects with deadlines.

I did find the RAINBOW BABY pattern that is being used on the back of the MN WILD quilt and it will go beautifully with the wedding quilt topper. I have enough scraps to do both backs. I made another appointment for next Wednesday to baste one of the FB14 projects.