Friday, August 5, 2016

Press & Trim, Press & Trim

After watching how the more modern Log Cabin quilts are being created, I returned to the MN WILD quilt project that I was working on. 

This one is a little different because it uses a template to trim each round in order to give it the look of a twisted swirl. The count is at 107 though I am not sure if this is more or less than what I need. I enlarged the quilt twice to make it both wider and longer. I am keeping scraps in case I need to make more and if not, the orphans will go in the Gypsy Orphan quilt.

I laughed at myself, yet again, for not writing notes to self about my next step on this project. Clearly, this was the step that goes next, but hey!  

Ordinarily, I would not trim like this. Its almost shaving. The template is marked for the trimming of each round for each of the two styles of blocks. What I like about this is that each block finishes off the same so they will fit together as if they were made for each other. Oh. They are.

And I think about Marianne (the Mother) wanting specific seams, and Mary (the Daughter) who suggested consistency. Both had good points. I will pay more attention the next time around. However, this time, I am going with Mary and being consistent.