Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quillow Complete

It always surprises me when I come here to post a blog that I have missed a day or more. I believe it is because I am still getting used to my hardware setup. My only commitment is to self. Sometimes I also think it is because I think that what I have to say is not earth-shattering or newsworthy. And that is down right silly because the world does spin with love and I do my work with love.

My gardens are also taking time. I am pulling out grass and transplanting plants and working toward making it all more eco-friendly. That takes time. This morning, I got out and cut back this very aggressive vine growing near the NW corner of my house that spread into the AC setup. It almost filled the trash container, and I came inside quite exhausted. Temps outside are 10-20 degrees cooler in the mornings. 

I did finish the fleece Quillow for my Grandson. The pillow part of it is made to look like a Minecraft avatar. And blocky. It is as good as it will get with what I know about it and with what I had on hand to create it with. 

How-to-Fold-A-Quillow.html I found these easy directions and printed off a copy to tuck in the pillow itself so he would know how to do  it.

Still waiting to see if the State of Cali will give me grant money for the eco-friendly work. At least a week to go before learning their decision. Meanwhile, if they do consent, there is only 4 months to get the project done. It takes a lot to pull up the grass sod. It has to be wet for it to let go of the soil, and the piece needs to be shaken so it releases the soil back. I've got a lot of the Iris pulled out to transplant to the South of the house where it will get good Sun. I have a few hard trough/planters that need to be dug in and will serve as protected planters so that the underground critters cannot get precious roots.