Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fleece Quillow

It is a challenge to make something for the Grandson who is 10. Luckily, he brought me into an interest of his that is called 'Minecraft'. I watched several videos now and see it as a expansive pastime for many kids growing into adulthood. It is actually a game that teaches them to build rather than destroy. It is fast becoming an industry. I learned that Microsoft bought it and is simply sitting on it.

Thusfar, I have made a couple of pillows and he wanted me to make him another quilt because his family members 'steal' his. That is what gave me the idea to do a Quillow which combines a quilt with a pillow. 

I found a printout for a Fleece version, which is not lined and therefore doesn't have batting. It folds first into thirds from side to side and then up from the bottom to the top in fourths where it is tucked into a pillow. It can be used only as a pillow for the head or to sit on, and the opening serves to carry things if it is used as a stadium cushion. I found other fleece and flannel scraps in my stash to make the face for the outside of the pillow. It is purple even though it reads blue.

Minecraft visuals are all done in blocks of squares and rectangles that create the faces, heads, bodies, arms, legs and (wings, antenna, tails etc.) The folded fleece measures about an 18" square so 2" gets added to allow for the quilt body to fit inside. I trimmed the selvages off and cut fringes 1" long by 1" wide all the way around it and now need to plan for the face. I need to sketch the face before cutting and want to watch more videos first now that I know what I am doing.