Friday, August 26, 2016

ROM Spools

I am not really a fan of the Spool block, and yet am following the pattern so made it as suggested. 

Of course, my first one didn't turn out because, while I thought I was following the pattern, At least I am learning enough about how I read them that I can pay attention. I misunderstood what was written, even with the picture. Luckily, I made another block so it wasn't that big a challenge. I also took the time to join some of those 2.5" squares in a checkerboard fashion, which means, simply that it is a light/dark rotation. I actually like three of them put together though I only stitched them two together for now. The notion that ripping is an option seems like one to avoid. Probably, the sides could go on with each month, but that is not how the author is having us do it. 

I worked on more paper crafts, one of which is a Day of the Dead altered cigar box. It is meant to honor someone close to you who has passed. This keeps the original boarder paper and has some card stock on it and a bead pull. The inside wood will be left yet the inside top is also papered. I don't want to go much further with it until I know who it is for. Usually, I grieve and honor a person at their passing so as not to have unresolved issues.