Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Catching Up

I've had a real push regarding the new computer hardware, and it has been taking up more of my time than I like. I do have a call into my geek who says he will get here as soon as he is able. The things going wrong with it all are probably minor for him, but seem overwhelming to me. I have made a list of things for him to check because I don't want to forget something and then need him to come back.

Meanwhile, I made labels for a couple of quilts and got them sewn on. I have my Grandson's pillow and blocks cut and pinned on for the Quillow; and was able to locate squares for the wedding quilt, finishing the first round of piecing, and have the second round pinned. While I could take pictures of this work, it is more vital that I do it and keep at it.

I thought about deadlines and how I work to meet them. I got to thinking that I never miss a deadline and so know that stressing out for them is silly.

Monday's trip was to the Reagan Library in Simi rather than to the Ocean. The Vatican piece that touched me the most is this oil painting from the 17th Century called PORTRAIT OF A PROPHET. I tried to get information about it and did not learn much. The subject is the kind of man, a Grandfather archetype perhaps, that makes me feel like I want to curl up in his lap and just feel the comfort I see in his eyes.

I did find the mug rug pattern that I want to make for my Aunt's birthday. It doesn't take much fabric and should go together quickly. This is deadline project #1. The wedding quilt is next, with the Quillow an easy finish.