Wednesday, August 10, 2016

UFO 2nd Wed

A UFO is a unfinished object term for Quilters. They are projects one sets aside for another time. Perhaps the theme was not what you thought, or fabric was not coordinating or the pattern was difficult... Whatever. Out of sight, out of mind. Not so for me. There are two of my projects I know about. One is a holiday quilt made of flannel pieces with points for treetops and roofs. The other I remembered is this Holiday Tree Skirt. 

Thing is, I made no notes to self. I had an idea what it was supposed to look like and why the scraps were saved. After sorting them by color, I sorted by size and tossed the small pieces. What was I thinking? I do not want to work with those small pieces, so in the trash they went. After reading the pattern, if I WAS to make this pattern, it would be with much larger pieces and I need to relook at this pattern.

I worked in my East garden yesterday and this morning, coming in too exhausted to quilt. I dug the hard clay, watered, raked and set a planter in place for a tree. I moved rocks, some of them mighty large. Then I trimmed a rose bush and brought out the leaf blower. It had been a UFO project too. And it is not done. I want to redo the rocks so they look like a tumbled flow in back of the plants, closer to the house. The plan is to get a tree and plants that are more drought tolerant. It looks so much better without the fallen leaves. They made it look cluttered. I need to put a double faucet and install those watering tubes. So the project may go into September before it is finished