Thursday, August 25, 2016

Very Productive

After basting my Friend's quilt at the clubhouse, I really thought I was finished quilting for the day. However, after some time, I was back at it.

I finished the August ROM, and did add another row of the 2.5" squares to make it three rows for that first border. I am not sure if that will make it too busy but there is always the ripper if it doesn't look good. My machine does the deco stitches a little strangely and it is what it is and will be fine. The author of this pattern calls it SEASONS and this one is her Winter. I've selected fabrics for the September row and like them next to August.

I was able to join the heart blocks and add the first border, which is white. I am still 'auditioning' for the second one, and am looking at fussy cutting a directional print for it. That might be a challenge to make it look right. And if it works, then the dark blue for the third border and binding. The binding will work with the back too.

The most time consuming project was the Prayer Flag for the Sorceress archetype. The flag was easy, it was the research that took time. I came up with a few conclusions: 1. People of all genders are afraid of Her power; and 2. Women, part of humanity, for the most part do not claim their personal power and by the time they get to this stage in their lives, they have co-opted most of their identity, turning unresolved issues into personal illness or accidents; 3. Because of the fear we all have there are no positive role models for us to see ourselves. 

I did discover that Galadrial from The Lord of the Rings tale is called 'The Sorceress of the Golden Wood' and was the only one I found who was not an evil witch or crazy lady. Yet, there was a sense of her power that the movies didn't tap into. We do get it. I spent a fair amount of time looking for movies and books but was sorely disappointed in what is there.

It made me look within and do some writing about it elsewhere. Suffice to say, that small quilting project has gotten to be quite deep work.