Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Machine Labels

I had help figuring out how to make them and made 8 of the 11 needed. Yet, while they were finished, I am not sure I like them.

It is a struggle to program one letter at a time and then have the machine print them out vertically top to bottom. All those loose threads needed cutting and the ones between letters. Ends of them all. Again, I am not sure I like the look, yet, for now, they will do.

And then I finished the first Twister quilt. This one waits now for a recipient. I thought it was pretty busy when I first made it and after seeing more of them online, it is what it is. It makes a nice personal nap/lap quilt.

The other fun thing today was that the computer geek showed up and installed a new tower and brought a small screen for the desk, so that both it and the SmartTV are set in place. Of course, its another learning curve. My vision is not all that good to see far away to write from even the big screen. I can use my keyboard in front of the big screen but it is too much. So once again, I wait for the extension cord to fit. Meanwhile, I am playing with a mini wireless keyboard.