Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I've been working on the quilt back (RAINBOW BABY) for the wedding quilt and extended it quite a bit from the pattern so it would be a bit larger than the top. Additionally, I am listening to the 2nd book in the series for Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children titled Hollow City.  

Both activities are soothing to my spirit after that trip to the Remington Hot Springs about an hour from here. They are built next to the Kern River. First the hottest water flows into the smallest tub, which has a small overflow into the medium tub, which in turn flows into the largest tub next to the River. It is the coolest. I guess someone emptied all the tubs the night before so the water was pristine and heavy with healing sulfur and other minerals. The River is low so one can be in the middle of it and less than waist high. Thing is, it is a LONG walk down from the parking lot and an even longer walk back up. Temps were above 100 and the altitude was hard too. Guess its the Mighty Blue Pacific for me. The hard part of that trip is the 3-hour-plus drive. However, the Hot Springs are one of life's greater pleasures... to have been there as many times as I have gone. While the minerals heal the body, I wonder if it is all taken away by the heat and walk.

Its a piece of this for a peace of that.