Sunday, August 7, 2016

Piece, Press, Trim our Lives

The process for this step is to do three rounds for the Log Cabin block. Between each round, the requirements are to trim the blocks with the template. What I learned or am learning with this project is that most of the time a person has to let go of what they know or expect and just be open to doing things differently.

Laughing at myself to think of how many nightmares I create by trying to do things believing I know how it should happen, when it should happen and how it needs to play out.

This quilt is made of two different blocks, and somewhere over 80 of each is required. Each log cabin block is made of three rounds of blocks, one scrappy, and one white. This is the second block and second round of logs before getting trimmed. I have no idea if the scraps that are left will be enough for round three. 

It all means surrendering to the process and seeing what the outcome will be. There is no way to manipulate the outcome in the first stages of planning for a scrap quilt. Maybe it is more like real life than going to a fabric store and buying exactly the fabric in exactly the coordinating colors. We think we can control our lives but the best we can do is use what we have and work towards personal growth. We set things in place like where we live, go to school, work, vote, partner. But we are not really the only factor in how our lives play out.

Perhaps this is why I love the challenge of scrap quilting and even those darned Mystery Quilts which I keep saying I will not join and then end up loving them each time I do sign up.

For now, its all about trimming. The last round of logs finishes up this block and it gets trimmed to a 6" square. The next step is laying the two blocks out in the pattern and playing with how they look. That one is clearly a mind game. Almost 200 blocks will need shifting before the final pinning, so my guess is that this project will wait til mid-week for that part.

Monday takes me to the Pacific Ocean again. Another trip West and this time to Ventura Beach.