Monday, August 22, 2016

Spinning Wheels as I Second Guess

I've kept looking at the purple heart block in the photo for the wedding quilt. Not the actual block. The one in the photo. It seems that the lighter shades make me think I should take it apart and replace those squares with a darker shade. Its still something that can be done. But why? In the larger scheme of things, once it is completed, a few squares on it will not really matter. Not really.

I think this is a natural thing for people to do. Its like worrying about matching shoes to a purse when one might simply be grateful that they have shoes to wear. I need to get on with finishing the top so it can get basted and then machine quilted.

One of the easier projects I have going right now is for a Swap-bot exchange. This one is for a Hallows Home Decor and it is sender's choice with two partners. Party banners are an in thing, and in my case, this project will use up a few more scraps very quickly. They just get joined across the top with a ribbon as the band, which is long enough to tie at both ends. No finishing of the edges. Two items are needed for the swap and these will finish off to any size. My single window is 36" wide, so that is my plan.

Speaking of plans. Today is Monday and its field trip day with another one planned to go to the Ocean. Ventura has a number of them to see, and is easy to get to as well. So the banners were my only quilting project for the day. I am looking forward to laying on the beach under the tent and feeling the energy there. Mmmmm.