Monday, August 8, 2016

The Ocean

I've been going to the Pacific Ocean on Mondays this summer. And as I got ready this morning, I picked up cat toys to put in his chest. It surprised me to see a stack of those Log Cabin blocks, first round. 

He is really a good cat, but that made me laugh. It gave me an opportunity to introduce another fabric. Its going to be tight to finish the last round with all of these. I worked to get them to the same stage as the rest of the blocks. They are ready for the first half that is the white side.

The Ocean was lovely. The marine layer covers the sky in the morning, and suddenly the wind picks up, blowing them away. Yet it brings a chill and even more fierce waves. The tide comes in and the day changes. It blew the tent over, so it was time to pack it up and head home. It is a rocky beach, but not the boulders that the last beach had.

Ventura is closer to the Tehachapi valley, so a stop at Michaels was in order to buy some Hallows decor. I picked up a variety of things to finish off the Whimsy Pockets & apothecary jars I am making the Grands for Halloween. 

Tomorrow, it is back to work. Labels, a fleece Quillow and this MN Wild quilt, which has a name now. You Got Game.