Sunday, August 28, 2016

More, more, more

I took out the back part of the project that was started for the MN WILD quilt, thinking I could use those pieces for the wedding quilt I am making. However, the wedding quilt top has specific colors where the other one is scrappy and can stand up to a more scrappy back. To that end, I went through my scraps, colorized and trimmed where needed to get 4.5" squares, and cut a solid white for the background.

After pinning everything, I started the piecing process until I ran out of neutral thread, switching to a black and going onto another machine quilting project. There is enough batting to finish those two scrappy/rainbow quilts and then larger leftovers of batting to do the remaining two quilts on my list for this year.

I worked for quite awhile on the Hallows projects for my Grandchildren and took the jars to the next level. They are filled, labeled and ready for a ribbon around the lid. The goal is to ship them out next week, so they are a priority to finish.

Monday is an hour-long trip the the Remington Hot Springs rather than the 3-hr-plus trip to the Pacific. Not even on the map, it is a long walk down from, and up to, the small parking lot. Its relaxing being in the three-varying heats, and so close to the Kern River.