Thursday, August 11, 2016

Finishing Version 2

The MN WILD quilt has two different Log Cabin blocks. One has a white center and one has a red center. It is quite possible that when it gets to the layout stage that one or both of them will need more.

Meanwhile, have cut more of the white and scraps for both sides of this second block, and kept some of the larger pieces in case more is needed for either version. 

Scrap quilting is not easy when the project expands like this one did. I wanted to have the same pieces show up in the first rounds of the squares that appeared in the second and third. It will still be a surprise by the time it is layed out and the final joining takes place.

I realize that most of my life is more planned out than it was when I was younger. Perhaps it is because the healthier I got, the less willing I was to tolerate disasters, or toxic people. And the healthier I got, the more I wanted to set myself up for success. If a person is not at the stage of being organized or being heathy, it means simply that their path has more to show them. Me too. I have a lot to learn about life. About my life. My path has many steps for me to travel and lessons for me to learn. One block at a time. One quilt at a time.