Saturday, August 13, 2016

Next is the Quillow

My next project is the Quillow pillow. This is only an example of a Minecraft face and not what my project looks like. Mine will be in purples because I thought they were all that color. Ooops. Remembering that this is the rage, and that the faces are avatars for people playing the games. I asked my Grandson to send me a Snapchat photo of himself when he gets home. He gets a purple one and I would not doubt that he will ask for another color. Its one to a kid. His is purple.

The pillow part of it needs to be a 20" square and is reversible, showing when it is folded up as well as when it is open. I had one piece of flannel in a purple tone on tone that works so it is being washed in hot water with other pieces I want to use for the face. Nice that it is all squares.

Besides wishing for a new Mac, and trying not to whine about my choice to forgo that purchase, the MN WILD quilt top is ready for piecing. It was laid out in two sections of eight rows.

Each of the 16 rows are pinned with a number and a directional pin pointing to the top right hand corner as the starting place. That red with white dot shows up more than any other print and so special care was needed to make sure it was random and an equal number of them were in the top and bottom segments. Once rows are done, it will get laid out again to make sure it looks random. That is so funny.

I've also started on a wedding gift for my high school friend's second Daughter. I found a scrappy pattern and took time to shop from my closet for 2.5" and 3" squares. There are 9 blocks to the pattern and each of the 9 makes up 10 HST (half square triangles). I am not sure a quilter can get away from them completely.  First to gather & cut fabric, the next step is to make the HST, and after, the pattern says the rest of the quilt assembles fast and easily. There are two colors I do not have so will get a FQ of each. I have not thought about the borders for it, but do plan to continue shopping from the closet first.

And also on my list to do is a simple mug rug for one of my dear Aunt's 90th birthday. I am still trying to decide if it shoud be either for Fall or for Halloween. I've made both of the patterns under consideration and am leaning toward the one for Fall. That one is really a priority to get it done and to my Cousin so she has it for the party.