Saturday, August 27, 2016


Returning to the MN WILD quilt, there was more than one concern to deal with. Even though I laid these blocks out, numbered and pinned rows, as I pieced the blocks together, I wondered about my memory. Each row has two pins. One is the row number. One is pointed to the top right corner so I would remember to join the blocks from this side in order that they were stacked. Did I remember the code?

It seems that I have always questioned my memory which is why I work hard at being organized, and with quilting, including notes-to-self. This first row is joined, with a whole basket holding the other rows, the template and instructions in a blue file, along with leftover fabrics. I have little choice but to piece on at least another row to see if it is done correctly with four rows to have the swirl show.

It took awhile to fussy cut the directional print border for the wedding quilt. My big thing right now is to find something in my closet bins that works. Both borders were from leftover fabric used on other quilt backs. Amazing that they work and do not distract from the heart blocks. Guess there is truth that the more fabrics one uses in a quilt, the less you have to worry about them all matching. I am starting on the back and will attempt to make it match the rainbow effect on the topper and at the same time use up more of those wonderful scraps.

The back for the MN WILD quilt also uses this RAINBOW BABY pattern so I plan to make two of them and can concentrate on just making these blocks for awhile. (Pictures to come as soon as they are not simply stacks of fabric)

I found the little receiver for the wifi channel changer to the SmartTV/Tower. My memory held true that I had put it in a container. The container was a candleholder. So funny how relieved I was. It freed me to pick up all the piles of fabric spilled out of bins. For some reason, I was taking comfort in the chaos at the time. Maybe my subconscious didn't want me to hunt for the little receiver and having a big ol' mess immobilized me.