Monday, June 27, 2016

Learning Curves

While on vacation, my old cell phone fell into the toilet as I leaned over to flush. I had purchased an IPhone from my Granddaughter and was seeing her the next day. I made several stops into an AT&T store to get it programed to my account, and learn tips on how it works. Well. Today I went into the local store, bought a case for it and had her set up a few things. I am still confused and plan to go back tomorrow. All that takes time. I am a kinesthetic learner which means I need someone to show me. I have a hellava time trying to read instructions and patterns. YouTube videos rock my world.

The swaps have started again. In one, I received a large piece of burlap with spiders stamped on it and cut out two 'grab bags' for a swap I am to send out. It's a Hallows theme too, so the five items inside are to have about a $5 value. I guess burlap is a hot item right now, however, I was glad to have a use for it. Sews easily and ravels as it should.

The other thing I worked on is a quilt that was in a bundle of fabrics from a local estate sale. Cats, and lots of color. Selvage information gave me a place to start looking for a pattern. It's a panel. And it was 'older' fabric (2011) so the panel pattern for the fabric was not found, and I was on a hunt to find one that would work. There was a lot of fabric in what I received, but no pattern. What was she thinking?

Most patterns I found use a panel that is larger or quite different than what I had, and all of them recommended adding a border to make up the difference. I did that. Then I cut the suggested squares and rectangles for the borders. No size was given for the finished quilt, so its one of those a quilter has to make as she quilts. I want to make it a good sized lap quilt. The fabric bundle has two large coordinating pieces and possibly enough for the back if it is needed.

This one is going to my younger Son, so that all three of them in his household get one for Winter Solstice this year. Pictures to follow as I ship things out. Let's hope I have figured out the phone photos and can send them here. Gahhh. I am simply getting pushed and pulled into the electronic era.