Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Intermediate Quilter

According to popular opinion, an Intermediate Quilter is one who can take a pattern and make it work with what she has. It could be changing colors, fabrics and even design.

So here I am, going for the big prize with this Wild Cat quilt. I have extended the panel to measure 32.5" wide, then found a pattern that suggested the next border as scrappy, and then made a small coordinating (black with white dot) frame. I made the third border out of a 3-piece stripe. I am halted now. I used up all the pink. However it was my plan to make a corner block from that 3-piece strip, and if I cut into the top and bottom pieces, there may not be enough. There is no pink left. None. Nadda.

I have the aqua blues left, and a smidge of the black with white dots (not enough of it to make anything more). The aqua print will add a final border making the quilt about 74x84. I cannot even think about the back just now.

It is set aside for the night so I can think about it and do some measuring of the 3-piece strips against the top section. My intuition tells me it will work, and my logic tells me not to cut anything just yet.