Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brainstorming Goals

As I finish the last of the Bird Quilts for my Grandchildren, and am in the final stage for the last quilt made for my descendents, I realize that these two quilts represent quilting goals I made when I first started quilting. Oh sure, I have a few projects listed on the sidebar that were made into 'kits' so I could shop my closet, but knowing myself, I realize that I need to have a more formal idea of the kinds of quilts I want to make next. I want to finish those kits listed on my blog sidebar, it is true.

I need a goal.

Over the years, I gathered house block patterns. I made two house block quilts, and am very enchanted by them. I have a pattern for a mug rug house, patterns for embroidering haunted houses in blackwork, patterns for blocks, ideas for quilts, bed runners, and table toppers.

If I make house blocks, they can be done by shopping from my closet. HOWEVER, most of them are made with those nasty HST or triangles.  Not today. Or tomorrow. I get stressed with the matching part even with tutorials. Life is too short to do anything stressful.

I had forgotten that I wanted to make Scrappy Log Cabin quilts. They really are wonderful and can take on very different personalities through color/fabric choices or through the final layout. 

So. I am going to finish the 'kits' in the closet and turn my attention to making Log Cabin Quilts. The primary goal is to shop from my closet and be creative with what is there.

As I finished the machine quilting on those last Bird Quilts, some of the stitches puckered and had to be ripped. Because I use my quilting experience as life lessons, then I see that there are a lot of factors to consider. Bottom line is that I want to keep living to the fullest, yet am choosing to walk away from things that do not serve my greater good.

That's it. That is my goal. As long as it is fun, then it works for me.