Sunday, June 5, 2016

Patriotic Mug Rugs for Hostess Gifts

I finished three of the five I want to take to use as thank you gifts. The 4th of July comes and goes quickly. It is fun to have an accent around.

I have a few towels with the red/white/blue theme but not much else, so I will keep the mini quilts that don't quite muster up to my gift standards and set them out this year.

These are three that did work out. The single 6" square goes to my friend who accepted the Graduation quilt I shipped back. She is always there whenever I need help with my trips back home. Sometimes I stay with her, sometimes she picks me up at the airport. It is a mug rug and not a pot holder. As I made this, I realized that I have been given a lot of scraps, and I do mean scraps, of Insulbrite, which is a heat protection. That might go on my list of projects to make and use in some day. (Potholders, oven mits, table protectors.)

The other two are meant to go to my Brother and Sister-in-Law for inviting me to lunch and for the good, good care they facilitate for our Mother who is in a nursing home near them.

I like the idea of mini quilts whether they are used for mug rugs, candle mats, or just a table accent. I am thinking that this is a good concept to do for those off holidays. Thing is, they have to go out a month before, because if my loved people are anything like me, the thing would get lost in a drawer or closet and forgotten.

My trip is a day off, so this morning, I cleaned up after the carport/yard sale, put the rest of the leftovers in the trunk, laid out another bag of topsoil over the stepping stones in the yard, and am starting to gather what I need for the trip.

I want to finish the binding on the Bird Quilt and get a label done for it. Then the rest of the day will be spent cleaning. Two weeks is a long time, a short time, time.