Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Batting Leftovers

I had a good size piece leftover from one of the Bird Quilts I just basted. It was long, however, too narrow to work on any other projects going, so it had to be pieced.
It felt to me like gathering energy. Most times, one source is just not enough to get the work done. As I age, I find that what used to work for me in gathering energy no longer serves. I have to be quite creative.

I really enjoy using the resources I find within... well, within my closet for quilting projects, within my cupboards for unusual meals (healthy), and using the resources I find online for just about everything. It is a fact that my answers are found within and that inner space echos with smart choices, rich experiences and an understanding how to get what I need.

My sewing machine is acting up. The last time I went in for service on the Singer, the guy told me that the machines are made quite cheaply now and that a person has to look at how much it costs for service vs. buying a new one. That shocked me he would say it, but more shocking is the fact that we do live in a disposable culture. He said that nothing is made to last beyond 5 years, even our major appliances.

And when I replaced a stove last year, the service guy also told me that if/when my washer-dryer- or refrigerator goes, that they cannot even be fixed beyond the first year because parts are no longer produced. What bites is that my computer and my car are both considered old.

Back to my sewing machine. It is doing all sorts of screwy things, from sewing backwards, to not doing what it should when buttons are pushed to losing tension. I want to finish this last Bird Quilt before leaving on my trip and then spend time cleaning in here so it is clean when I return in a couple of weeks.