Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Twister

When I first bought the big Twister template, I pulled out 10" holiday fabric squares and put together a simple lap quilt. Again, the template came with a pattern that was more of a loose suggestion rather than a real pattern. The thing is, that it is meant to be relatively random.

Just like anything in life, I have learned lessons along the way.

As I have used it more, I see that random is only good if it is planned to look random. With this template, I learned that larger prints don't work well, and that planned layout is more creative sometimes than the random look. This one was random, and I wish that I had sorted colors. Squares before they are template-cut look different. Maybe I am being too fussy, and this WAS an earlier project.

The other thing I got done were two mug rugs meant for two of the elders in my family. Again, this is a matter of layout to get the chevron design. I'll get them mailed this week.