Sunday, May 1, 2016

Peppermint Kisses

I took out the bins again looking for a couple of projects that I never did find. And so I could remember what I do have in them, I extended the list on the sidebar to include 2017 projects. The way I am pushing what I have to the stage of basting, I wanted to make sure I didn't get off course. I found a small candle mat started and was pleased to see it. Things can get so easily misplaced.

Next step on my last family quilt for this year (Peppermint Kisses) was to make sure the setting triangles were going the correct direction and to ensure that there were enough blocks for each row. I have been waiting for the clubhouse to lay it out and decided to use my floor space.

It is a diagonal quilt, and a bit of a challenge to get the setting triangles going the correct direction on all four sides, even though I have made a couple of them. Its interesting how the setting triangles have a pink cast to them in the photo though they do not in person. With all rows joined, it currently measures 68.5" square. Of course, it needs trimming and an outside border added to it, which will add another couple of inches. I bought a bolt of red with white polka dots for the back, so soon it will be ready to baste and then quilt. Clearly, it will be completed before Thanksgiving week when it will ship out. Although each of the fabrics were pre-washed, once it is quilted, I will wash the entire quilt again to make sure the reds don't bleed.