Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pretty in Pink

Got borders on the Lil Grrrl Pink quilt. It measures 36 x51 which is crib size, so its for a toddler. The pastel pink print is rainbows and horses, with purples that show up blue here. I need to join some batting scraps and get this one done and set aside. The back is a star print that will fit side to side and top to bottom.

Over the years, I set deadlines as a tool to keep me quilting to get things done. When I finish the Bird Quilts and the Peppermint Kisses quilt, this year will be the end of those goals I set when I first started quilting. It means that I can quilt when I feel like it, and as I feel like it. Not that I didn't do that all along, but there will be no deadline.

Once these all get shipped, then the finished quilts will wait in bins until needed as comfort quilts. That, and shopping from my closet will become my new goals.

Swap Bot keeps me going too. I just joined a Halloween gift exchange. They are playing catchup for the year and sending out 2 handmade gifts this month as part of a total of 13 to be exchanged before Hallows. The swap rules are only that it is handmade by you and has the Hallows theme.

In another Fat Quarter swap last year, I got these fabrics. The pumpkin fabric was hard to cut into because the design would get lost in a smaller cut, so making a simple mug rug really worked for me. The big white polka dots on black were also lost in smaller cuts. However, the pumpkin outlines on orange for the binding is perfect. I did a simple decorative stitch around each pumpkin shape and made these up in a day. And of course, the batting came from scraps as well.

I know that many mug rugs are much more detailed as mini quilts than these small 'panel' cuts are, yet, they turned out darned cute. I need projects that can be completed in one sitting. For whatever reason, they restore confidence and make me smile.