Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trained / Untrained

The title above comes from the movie MAN ON FIRE. The storyline is that he (Denzel Washington) is hired as a bodyguard for a young grrrl (Dakota Fanning) in Mexico where statistics say that countless people are kidnapped, held for ransom and sometimes killed. As they spend more time together, he attends her swimming meets and helps her respond to the shock of the start-gun-sound. He uses this phrase of 'trained/untrained' to help her see the value in training. (You Tube has several viewing options, though the film has violence that some may not enjoy.) It is a tearjerker and one I have seen many times.

As a quilter, I realize the importance of getting good guidance; living in this small town, I find that it is not readily available. I get a lot online.

This morning, I found a link to a group of tutorials from SewVeryEasy. In this one, the speaker shows how thread is put on a spool and how it comes off on the machine. The product is called THE THREAD DIRECTOR. I had NO idea that thread twists if it comes off counter to how it lays on the spool! I was just putting it on the machine and trusting to my luck with it.

I cannot say that I want to purchase all the tools, because, in this case, I don't use specialty threads though I have some in my stash for 'some day'. And I know that I am not in the 'hunt/gather' stage of my life, so I want to get along with what I have first.

Thing is, knowledge is power. Knowledge has always been powerful for me, and what I don't know often bites me. I am going to spend a little more time with this tutorial series as part of my self-education before going on with more quilting projects.