Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Right Stuff

I did like the movie. However, what I mean is that having the right gear for any activity is vital to its success. 

Strong masking tape may leave glue on fabric, but it will be on the backside of the backing against the table. No wrinkles! This is the back of the wallhanging with the sleeve (for the rod) folded over at the top to get pressed and joined. No wrinkles! And as I basted, there was actually a tighter feel to it all. Lesson learned.

Originally, I bought the blue painters' tape for securing the backs to the tables. And it worked. Then, with the last one, they must have changed the product because this time it lifted off almost right away. I read the print on the tape and it said it was good for three hours, so should have worked. It didn't.

This masking tape was almost hard to peel off the roll the glue was so strong. At this point, all that I wanted was for it to work. And it does.

Now, I am hand sewing binding on one of the quilts and this wall hanging, so that will take several days.