Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bird Quilt #3

Basted and being machine quilted.

The chemical smell from remodeling in the clubhouse was over-powering, so I was glad to only plan to baste one quilt. There is no due date for these, only to ship them out at the same time.

The serpentine stitch is my favorite one to use, going over the seams. I am using a light lavender thread and taking my time. The stitch reinforces seams. Of course, the real reason for quilting is to make the sandwich of top, batting and back.

At one time, I thought I needed to practice on other quilts before finishing these. Hah! My skill went as far as it needed to, and these will have mistakes too. Its not like I am making something to last forever. That is not the goal. The goal is to continue the connecting line of Grandmother to Grandchild. They need to get these quilts in their hands this year. My goal is to finish this quilt this week, and keep doing what I do.