Friday, May 6, 2016

The Challenge for an Aries

All my life, I have loved doing new things. New adventures. New music and dance. New things to study. Over the years, I received a fair amount of criticism for starting projects and not seeing them to the end. Typical Aries, they said. And so, I worked hard at changing that cliche within myself to bring whatever I started to completion. 

I even worked hard at the middles. Admittedly, I love the new adventures and possibilities.

This waiting period for the clubhouse didn't stop me from continuing projects and pushing them to the point of needing to be basted. Another thing this ol' Aries needs is to be active.

I found another project that I started and set aside. The pinks I was given are on to the left; one with stars and one 'little grrl' print with ponies and rainbows. The strips were from other scraps that would work for the pattern. They were cut and all stored in the plastic bag. They waited because I don't have a little grrrlie-grrl in my family to give them to and other quilt projects seemed more timely.

This session, I cut them into blocks which were sewn into diagonal rows, pressed and joined. The edges are trimmed & borders will be added next to finish the top. This is the middle before stitching rows together, and will wait. I converted it from a holiday pattern I saw in a quilting magazine that used red and white for the chevron. Sometimes, pushing beyond the start is too much or risky. I am ok to replace the project in its bag for another time. I have checked off the steps and will write a note-to-self.

Every Astro sign has its strengths and challenges. Mine, as a triple Aries, is to forge ahead and push myself to try new things. Its not easy having such strong energy in me. All my life, its almost been too much for others to handle. And now here I am, with all those decades of Aries behavior that I simply want to modify and manage.