Sunday, May 29, 2016

Back & Front

There is an old saying that boats are safe in the harbor, but that is not what boats are made for. Quilting is a risk when you cut into fabric and piece it together. You can think it will work out, but that doesn't mean it will.

I finished Jake's quilt and really love how both sides turned out. Again, this was made in my early days of quilting, so I think I lucked out that the back turned out as good as it did. The small border on the back was successful and the binding works for both sides.

I was scrap quilting from the git-go, and this back was pieced with leftovers from the top borders. I wanted to make this quilt as masculine as possible, but the Grandson is still a boy, so who knows how long this quilt will last or if he even cares about them. I can just imagine him rolling his eyes when he opens the package...saying, "Oh jee...another quilt. Thanks Granny," as he whips it back in the box and goes onto the next gift to open.

The top is pretty standard for how I have been making the Bird Quilts. The only differences are the fabric choices, and of course, while they each get 15 state bird/flower blocks, with a Cali block as one of them, the other 14 are random choices. Well, not so random actually. I did work to select them so they would coordinate with the quilt fabrics. 

There is one more to do & I have an appointment to baste on Tuesday.