Saturday, May 28, 2016


I got the binding machine stitched, and half of the quilt is clipped waiting for the final step of hand sewing. For whatever reason, this time the binding made me think of the phrase, "the ties that bind". Clearly, from all the references that can be found for it, it seems to represent or speak to the connection people have to each other.

This quilt is turning out to be lovely, both front and back. I lucked out in the measuring that I did so long ago before I knew what I was doing. There is a sweet, sweet border on the back that is in perfect alignment this time (some are not so easy to do). And the colors are striking.

Ties that bind between people can work out both ways too. Sometimes its a perfect fit and we are lucky. Sometimes ties can hold us to someone who is not right for us. We go along to get along. Even after we think a tie or bond or link is undone, a part of it stays.

I have heard that when you do hand work on a quilt of any nature, to work with thread no longer than 18" so that if it breaks or comes undone, that it doesn't mean the entire quilt ravels. Its almost like having Plan B in effect.Thing is, if the quilt goes to someone else and comes undone, they may not have skills to fix it.

That is how it is with our relationships. Just because one person gets healthy doesn't mean the others will. So when they meet again, they pick up the dysfunction as if it hadn't been healed, or anyone in it was evolved. I don't believe we have to stay in dysfunction any more than I believe I have to tolerate a mis-created seam. We get to choose what is in our life and on our quilts. 

Binding. A day or two on this one and another Bird Quilt will be completed.