Monday, May 23, 2016

Planning for my Trip to MN

I pulled out all the clothes I bought for my trip and tried them on to make sure they fit and were ok to take. I practiced smiling in the mirror, and checked my posture. With my airline ticket bought and car rental paid for, I am as ready as one can be. There is a fair amount of stress to go back for a family visit. 

After reading more about wrinkles (on quilt backs, not faces), I concluded the reason the last quilt back wrinkled is that the tape pulled off of it during the basting process. At the time, I didn't think it mattered and just went along with it. Now I know better and will make sure it stays secure.

My handwork during my visit to MN will include attaching labels to some of my younger Son's quilts, and working with the bluework embroidery project. I only made one set of three images to work on. These are the Snow Friends wall hangings. I hope to make sets of three for my Nieces and Nephew this year for the holiday. The images are embroidered with only one color (blue) on muslin, with blue winter fabrics for the frames. Traditionally, stitches can be the cross stitch (which I do not like doing) or simple primitive stitches (which I love).

Here at home, it is blackwork with Hallows images. This block has a quartet of skeletons dancing in a row. Whomever was the artist for this pattern really knew their bones, even including patellas (knees). It has been fun to make blackwork dedicated to a Hallows quilt. Each image takes me at least a week to complete. Its casual work that I do not rush and complete feeling quite relaxed. I have already collected 12 Haunted House patterns for the next project.