Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Borders Unrinkled

After ripping out the stitches, and taking my time, I redid the bird quilt and got out most of the ripples. This was one of my first quilts, if not the first, so what may have happened is that I inadvertantly stretched the fabric on the bias back in the day. Hard to say any more. However, it is done and the binding is ready for hand work.
AND when I machine stitched the binding to the table runner, I realized my concern for wrinkles on it over-dramatized the reality. Only one wrinkle, it actually gets lost in the quilting and would not be seen by anyone but me! The purple batik I found for the binding looks lovely.

Next to work on is cutting borders for the Twister quilt and the Lil Grrrl Pink quilt. I have two quilts ready for basting but want to hold off awhile just to catch up on what I have. My trip to the midwest is coming soon and the plan is to stay organized and stress-free.

I have always been the kind of person who finds fault within herself. Of course, it must have been taught to me, and is something I have worked hard to overcome. It is, more than likely, one of the aspects that comes with being a perfectionist, or being driven, or wanting to be more...certain days bring this energy in to my soul more than others. Days that are cloudy. Days where I haven't had enough nutrition. Days where I am tired from lack of sleep or even lack of energy. 

Most of the time, people want the side of me that is positive and cheery, with greater good going on. Well, heck. I AM human. And as a member of humanity, I have weaknesses, flaws, shortcomings along with some pretty great strengths and values. 

When I used to work with a team to present public rituals for larger groups, I would gather us together to do some toning and bonding. It was the transitional point between planning and presenting. Often my body was just shaking, and anyone new to working with me would find this remarkable. 

Folks who worked with me often knew that always happened, and knew that when the event was over, I liked a bite of chocolate and a bottle of water. 

Perhaps this is what I am missing.