Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Soon to Shop

The Clubhouse is free for basting, and there are many quilts in my closet ready for this step. It is incredibly tempting to want to shop because I've pushed several projects almost to completion. It gets harder and harder to keep the promise to myself to shop from my closet first. Yet, first doesn't mean that's the only shopping.

And so I make a list. I quilt in ways that keep the projects moving forward without shopping. It is not that I need money because I have money to shop, it is that I want to use what I have and there is so very much here.

Lately, I have been watching a series of videos on You Tube that tell the stories of women from London who take a month away from their lives and spend it with a tribal village somewhere in the world. The first one was in Gabon, Africa and her lesson was financial. Gabon Tribal Experience

Each of these documentaries pointed out to me how people get along with minimal furnishings, clothing, and even food. I feel my privilege.

The temptation to shop in stores is both strong and silly. Every time I cut and make something, there are scraps that get cut down more and stack up more. I cannot quilt fast enough and it seems that I quilt fast. What a paradox it has become.

I just went through the bin where the Bird Quilts are stored. As I finish them, of course there are scraps. Three of them are ready to baste, two need backing.  I have learned when to say no to shopping and also how to say when. Its been a good learning experience.