Saturday, May 14, 2016

Basting x2

I feel like I am on a roll getting projects basted. Today two of them were done. 

There has always been this piece of who I am that is driven. Fast cars. Driven. Fast reading. Driven. Fast everything. Fast work. It makes sense that I want to quilt, and quilt and quilt. Driven? Maybe. There has always been this part of me that believes that life is too short to waste time not living in the moment.

The Bird Quilts are very much on my list to complete this year. They have been in process far too long and now are ready for the final steps to get them done and in the hands of my Grandchildren. This is actually the first one I put together for my eldest. I love the rich colors of it all.

The other one I basted is a red/white/blue nap quilt that I do want to finish because it is almost a patriotic country theme. Again, this is a scrap quilt, made with 5" squares pulled out of the bin to coordinate with the center horizontal panel, and a blue bandanna-looking fabric for the borders, back and binding. I just love being able to use what I have. And the curious thing is that the more fabrics in a quilt, the less it has to 'match'. This one has been easy to machine quilt with all its horizontal lines.

I'll hold off basting more until these get machine quilted with binding on them so that there is a good rotation of quilting steps. My next project is adding borders to that Twister quilt. Also, I am getting a stash of batting, and will need to see what fits on smaller projects. 

Driven. Yes. To the day I die, with any luck.