Saturday, May 7, 2016

Catching up on Cutting

This is a middle task. Cutting.

Whenever a project gets to the stage of the top and back being finished, there are leftovers. It is incredibly boring to just cut and cut, therefore I turn on Hulu and 'binge watch' whatever interesting series are available while I cut fabric. My scrap squares bins are getting mighty full so I will need to start making something from all of them relatively soon. I know that sometimes the scraps in a quilt are balanced by a solid or tone-on-tone (ToT) background. I will need to shop. Without some pattern-free scraps, it gets so busy there is no place for the eyes to rest. 

Thing is, my trip to MN is in a month and so I am trying to clean, clear and consecrate my working space before I leave for a couple of weeks. I am eager to see family and friends again. 

Thing is too, that when I come home to Cali, I want to walk into a clean studio and have that fresh start. This is what vacations are meant to do...provide a fresh outlook to the ordinary work one does.

I could look for scrap quilt ideas but time has taught me that the most simple way is to simply start piecing and ensuring that a fabric is not repeated side by side. Sometimes it is too much effort in counting off so many darks, mediums, lights and brights for the correct contrast; yet, on the other hand, random is good too.

Here I am thinking about what to start next, when in fact, I really do want to finish those bird quilts and also finish the FB14 projects I started early in the year. And should I be unable to finish what I start, the sorting (and notes-to-self) would help any other quilter make sense of what is here.

So often, with what I get from other quilters, I will ask, "what were you thinking?" and of course have no answer. Kits that have a pattern and fabric ready to finish answer that question. Hopefully, how I have arranged my bins with the notes in them will be just as clear.