Monday, May 9, 2016


There is an interesting technique that helps frame the busyness of the center of the quilt by being between it and the first border. Here is a perfect case for the scrappy Log Cabin lap quilt I am making for one of the FB14. This is a close-up photo.

There is one more border for it, and that should make the quilt measure around 53" x 68", which is within the standard range for a lap or nap quilt. Perfect to cuddle under when you take a nap. 

Borders coordinate with blocks and yet, sometimes all these scraps in a formal pattern like the Log Cabin are too much even for me. 

Admittedly, many of the LC quilts I've made have fabrics I bought to coordinate. Some of the earlier ones were made from my stash when it had more selection. I think this one is going to turn out nicely and the fabrics go together even though they are scraps. The flange is a great addition. 

This final arrangement is called 'fields and furrows' and is meant for the recipient to take time to rest after all the work she does so she has energy to start again. It highlights the darks and lights in the blocks reminding her to keep the balance. The red center block is all about the energy of being centered, being home. I want to make more Log Cabin quilts. I love their energy.

I haven't selected a back for it yet, and which ever one fits the size, will make it reversible for the recipient.

Well, I do have an appointment on Tuesday morning at the clubhouse to start basting again. I really want to get the Bird Quilts done first and then the Peppermint Kisses. Then of course, I will finish up the FB14 projects.