Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love the Log Cabin

When I spoke with one of the fabric store owners about my choice to shop from my closet for awhile, I also told her I wanted to quilt simply and asked which patterns she would recommend for the scraps and my elected skill. 

She suggested the old stand-by of the Log Cabin pattern. Tradition says the center block should be red or yellow to symbolize the fire in the hearth. Then the light and dark colors of the logs symbolize the joys and challenges life brings us.

I know that going to the store allows a quilter to coordinate, and that shopping from a closet means thinking outside the box and stretching creativity. 

What is done first is to cut strips in the chosen colors and then begin piecing, pressing and cutting again. This size will be a personal lap or nap quilt and will have 12 blocks and a few borders. Layout of the 12 makes a difference in the final look of the quilt. I've made several of them over the years and enjoy each one. The final layout actually has a message too.

The pattern is so easy that a quilter could put one together in a day. However, the challenge of scrap quilting means auditioning fabrics, and that took awhile. Now, to the piecing. Well, in the past, I did that in a day and it is taking two days, which is fine. I will finish the blocks and then play with the layout. (I chose 'Fields & Furrows') I don't know if I have enough fabric in colors that will work for the borders. 

Bottom line is that I still want these scrap quilts to look nice.