Saturday, May 21, 2016

Twister Template

Today is a cut and pin experience on the Piano quilt project. The hard part of the project is that the background and borders are in black. Black can trick you into seeing an illusion almost and end up not matching right sides for the seams.

In the beginning of my quilting, I loved using black because it seemed to make the other colors pop. In one way, I guess I was like a teen dressing all in black. Now, I see how it holds lint and how different one black is against the other.

Its much like not wanting to wear black as much against my lightening skin color. Older people in black start to look gaunt and stretched. 

I still like black and think this quilt will be lovely, lovely, lovely. Meanwhile, it is taking more time to make sure the right side of the print is the right side. And, there were scraps from it that need to be trimmed!