Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oh NO! Mr. Bill

I have no idea what happened to the bird quilt I am working on. It was basted and never showed puckers as I machine quilted it.

However, when it was trimmed to add the binding, all these wrinkles showed up and I knew those errant stitches on the border needed to come out. Two lines of stitches had to be re-done! Then, when I turned it over, there were puckers in the other stitches where they had not been. I check as I go along & I swear the back had been flat, flat, flat.

I will move along with other quilt projects and just keep repairing this one. These wrinkles were different from the ones I saw in the previous project, but now are top on my list to ensure they don't keep happening.

The hardest part of it is how I beat myself up for letting it happen. Again. Now, if this had been a sort of standard snafu over the years, one could say my methods were faulty. Something is going on and I need to find out what it is. Why now?

A number of things could be happening and it does me no good to try and guess what it is or was. What is important is for me to deal with it and simply decide to move forward rather than to remain stuck in confusion and doubt. I need to know what I am doing that is making it happen because it hasn't happened in all the other projects. Why these last two?