Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Start

Sometimes I think that I am being silly with this work and then, the spiritual lessons come through. Its not a matter of wanting someone out there to approve of me, because I am too old to care about such things. I've been reading a couple of books at once, and because I select such meaningful ones, their theories sort of blend in my subconsciousness.

While I did a lot work outside my home today, the quilting project of this simple block took my time here. Like the first block, I cut everything very accurately and started piecing, but looking at the pieces as the lesson learned from yesterday.

Ouch. Guess I am still a student in this life lesson.

Even with the model from yesterday's fiasco, this one still had me shaking my head. This picture represents 3 1/3 (unnumbered) pages of instructions. Unfortunately each page has its own number for the steps. So, rather than to keep whining over someone else's choices, I numbered the pages (there are six) and I numbered the steps. I named each of the colors:

  • A-1 & 2 Red
  • B-1, 2, 3 & 4 Background/Black
  • C-1& 2 OuterRing - Lime Green
  • D-1 & 2 Orange
  • E-1 &2 Yellow
  • F1 & 2 -Pink
And then, I started piecing, pinning and sewing that scant 1/4" seam. Slowly, slowly, slowly.

I've said it many times before, I don't like a mystery in quilting. I am not fond of puzzles. And this block continues to push me out of my comfort.

Oh the books. Well, one author writes about intent vs. intention. Its regarding Toltec concepts. Information can be found at this site. http://www.toltecspirit.com/ & is something I have studied over the years. There are lots of books about it and many ways to embrace the work. I think it is more of a philosophy than a religion. 

In this belief system, "Intention is something we aim for or plan to do...something we're wanting, wishing, hoping for, or trying to accomplish... Intent, on the other hand, is a force that originates from the void, the Infinite, which is the life itself, and uses this force to create everything that exists in our manifest universe..."

I think this is the issue I am facing with this block. I've been caught up with my intention and have kept it on a lower level of my action. I have not been putting the spiritual aspect of who I am into this particular block. This author continues to say that "only when the mind is absolutely quiet and we are totally present, can we begin to touch this force."

The other books I am reading are by the author Paulo Coelho. I have several by him, and here are some of the most popular of his quotes: paulo-coelho-quotes

I don't know this swap block recipient. Usually my swap partners exchange some information, and all I got from her were the colors she wanted in her block. A list of colors. 

My conclusion with all these thoughts is that I can only work creatively with the lifeline I throw out to the recipient on one end and the higher divine presence on the other.

I accept who I am even in the face of rejection by others. For as long as I have been aware, I knew I was a person of spirit. Not someone who followed a particular religion, but a person who is connected to that infinite creative force.

This was the issue, not the pattern maker, nor my skills at the sewing machine...but this, that I had forgotten to be the bridge between the recipient and the Intent of the universe. I am taking what she gave me-her simple list of colors, and tomorrow when I work on the block again, I will infuse it with these characteristics as positive affirmations for her.
  • Red = Warm & positive
  • Black = What is hidden & secret
  • Lime Green = Self-reliant
  • Orange = Social communication & optimism
  • Yellow = Cheerful
  • Pink = Unconditional love (this fabric has the peace sign on it as well as the flower-power from the 60's)