Friday, September 26, 2014

Quilting Gallery Mug Rug Swap

Quilting stretches my self-definition. Every time I think I know who I am with what I do in this fabric art, something changes my mind and my perspective.

I still feel pretty much a beginner with the applique process. I am not sure what about it draws me in, yet it does. This mug rug swap is one where a pattern was given and the quilters could chose their fabrics within the framework of the pattern. That's not much different than following any quilt pattern. It is a mini quilt, I guess. Mug rugs have certainly come into fashion, becoming more preferred than simple coasters. They usually measure about 10.5" by 6.5" or thereabouts. Mine, at least, don't get lost on my desk and stay put.

This pic shows the result of an entire day spent selecting fabrics, tracing them on the backing, cutting them out, ironing on the backing, and then doing the required blanket stitch. This MR is called "Butterfly Cottage". There are three flowers to embroider yet, then the batting, basting, quilting and binding, just like on any regular size quilt. 

My swap partner for this one lives in MN in a familiar part of the Twin Cities. She will make the same pattern and chose winter fabrics for the ones she makes me. She said she would make a snowflake in place of the butterfly on this one. This is most exciting for me to get a pair of them from someone in my home state & home town.

I signed up for this swap because I know myself well enough that I NEED to set in place an obligation in order to learn. Its where I play the trickster to myself. If I did this on my own, I would spend countless hours trying to find the best pattern or the best method. That is called spinning. And I just wanted to learn. With the $6 registration fee, they sent the pattern, the tutorials, the shipping deadline and the partner. Now my spin-off is going to take me on more paths, however, it will be as a more educated quilter.