Monday, September 8, 2014

Visiting Local Museums

The valley town I live in is small, yet there are a few museums that are host local artifacts. Nothing is officially happening, so it was a perfect time to visit them. One thing I learned after moving here is that the pace is so much slower than anything I ever encountered, so I learned to slow myself down and also learned the art of 'chatting'. 

While its not like going to a quilt show, the quilts in the displays are authentic to the history presented for the town. This one is a hexie-style and a bit too time consuming for me to even want to do. Yet, I appreciate the handwork, and the fabrics.
Of course, the other objects in the display reflect how the quilt was used, so toys are gathered in this room as well, though I suspect this could have been an adult bedspread/quilt. People were so much smaller in bygone times. errea_house

This piece is not quilt related but sparked my attention. Other items included old sewing machines, washers, an indoor clothes hanger, and furniture for the entire house. The collections change bringing various items out of storage and into the public view.
Just across the street is another museum supported by the same Heritage League. Displays often change there as well and most fragile items such as the fabric arts are behind glass, so pics needed to be taken at angles to avoid the flash. Just fascinating work to see.

Although I took a lot more pics than I am showing here, I was enchanted by these small hot pads in the form of houses that had simple embroidery stitches. I have to admit to wanting this idea for a future project.

I am back at it here this morning. The stuff of memories, whether they are my own or just engaging in the memory work of people in a by-gone era, comprise who I have become. My recollections are like the ingredients in a simmering pot of soup where the full flavor if it is enhanced by each additional experience, whether it is painful or joyful.

Looking at the work in these museums doesn't tell me about the quilt-makers or the people who used these items. Who am I to judge the value of their work or their lives? All I can do is to be fully present in my own life, and to continue growing, developing my spirit and my creative work for as long as I am able.