Saturday, September 20, 2014

Funny Thing About Saturdays

I spent a great deal of time looking through quilting patterns today. I have a couple of projects in mind and am looking for the right combinations. Sometimes there are too many choices that I feel like that proverbial kid in a candy shoppe.

One of the quilts is for my Daughter-In-Law. I have the fabrics and need to find a pattern that will use one piece of it as a focus. The other pattern I seek is for a wallhanging for one of my dearest friends. I know the dimensions she has for the wall space, the colors she wants, and what I am able to make for her. She thinks she has the fabrics. 

by Zyde
There isn't much to show for my efforts, but sometimes planning takes more time than a person realizes. In fact, I have nothing to show for those efforts. Nothing but ideas and imagination.

And then of course, I have been hand sewing binding on my last two 2014 quilts. Pinning, sewing, round and round.

Its an interesting place to be in as 2014 finishes up and 2015 has yet to take action. Everything is in such a different state of becoming that it doesn't give me time to get bored or disinterested.

Provoking creativity means thinking about the requirements for time, resources, talent and commitment. A person actually has to come up with their objectives, solutions and processes. This explorative piece usually gets followed by an incubation of ideas, and then that illumination or sudden idea for what comes next. Its hardly a revolutionary concept and is something most of us go through every day in some area of our life.

I can't say that Saturdays are special for me unless I have a trip planned somewhere that includes going with someone who punches a weekly clock. Then its a play day. Today I worked at browsing magazines and thinking.