Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Am I Really Ahead on the Season?

Its wonderful to see how Summer ended so quickly, and Autumn is in full force in the northern hemisphere...well, anyway in southern California. I've been opening windows and leaving them open most of the time now without the AC kicking in. I love this time of year and I am getting prepared for October festivities.

All the Halloween stockings are ready for the younger kids in my family. These turned out easier than the witch shoe version I made the grrrlie-grrls last week, and also they made good use of a lot of scraps I had. They are a wild and anything goes for Halloween. Just a snip of ribbon folded, stitched on the edge and they are ready for the Great Pumpkin.
My gosh, that aired in 1966, which seems like such a long time ago. I am not sure too many kids these days care about that particular cartoon-type presentation, nor do their parents particularly care about candy. My plan is to load the 7" stockings with more non-candy articles and perhaps see if I can make copies of the cartoon strip for each envelope, just in case they wonder why I sent them holiday stockings for Hallows.

Ever remember those elders in your family that you thought were crazy? I sure do. We would laugh at how they talked, what they wore, what they brought to potlucks, and the crazy gifts they used to give us. Now, when I look back, those were the times and people I actually liked best, and still cherish. Every family needs stories to share. 

I worked on the fabric boxes too, got them all top-stitched, and one of them channel quilted. I love how the channels made waves on it. I'll run the seams on it for the corners of the box and then add buttons to it. 

There is a lot of detail to them and as I thought about the little small things in life, it made me smile to remember a scene from a British movie with Emma Thompson called Nanny McPhee (2005), which I thought was a hoot. The story is based on "Nurse Matilda" books published in the late 60's with adaptations for the movies. 

Funny, the thoughts that fill my head and pop out when I quilt. However, I love a great fairy-tale & this one is brilliant. Nanny McPhee trailer Nanny/Emma Thompson is magickal in so many ways, and this portrayal is as brilliant as the Aunties in Practical Magic, whom I always channel when I put anything into my blender and sing, 'put de lime in de coconut & drink it all up.' Midnight Margaritas

Oh yes, it is the end of summer and there is a chill in the air. And that brings out the best of movies to be watched while under a cotton quilt. MMMmmmmm