Friday, September 12, 2014

The Last 2014 Family Quilt

The binding is pinned on Lisa's quilt, which is the last of the ones going out for the 2014 holidays. Every quilt has been my teacher, every quilt has been my friend. I always set them aside if my spirit is off-center, and so every quilt has loving, positive energy. No circumstance in my life allowed me to be detrimental to this work.

I admit to the struggles with this quilt from finding burgundy fabrics, to the layout. The center piece turned out smaller than I planned and so I cut pieces for a border, which didn't look the way I wanted. I pinned it from the back and quilted from the front. I could go on and on with what I had hoped for vs. what manifested. It truth, I have not hung it to see the finish, and yet, am loving the combinations of colors and pieces. The top part of the picture is the back of the quilt, which has those blocks printed on it. The underside of the picture is actually the top where it was pieced. It does make a reversible quilt whose fabrics are quite coordinated.

I am grateful for the lessons from all my yesterdays and look with hopeful anticipation towards the journey ahead. For whomever taught me this way of living, and for whatever successes I experienced, I do know that very little stands in my way. I've always been a student of life and quilting is another chapter, another class, another opportunity for me to learn.