Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cottage on a Hill MR

I worked on the second Mug Rug today, using the same process as with the first one. I've also cut the backs and binding for them. The next step is to embroider the flowers on both pieces, and then they are ready for batting quilting and binding. I decided that they will not need embellishments. 

Simple formatting works better on such small creations. The binding is a larger print and will add even more color to it and give it that 'fall-ish' look my partner requested. 

I want to start working on a different pattern for some mug rugs I plan to make as Pay It Forward projects. The downside for this is that they will take up a lot of my quilting time and I want to hold to my commitment to keep the work personal between me and the recipients. If they decide to post pictures, I am ok with it. In fact, I sent one off this week that I didn't even take pictures for my own record-keeping.

I am always surprised to see who signs up for this project. This time, one of them is a man who grew up next door to us and was best friends with my older Son. It warmed my heart because he sends me Mothers' Day cards, and cards for other events throughout the year. What will surprise him is that I have something else in mind to send other than the mug rug he thinks he is getting. And that makes me smile. 

He & MattE used to get in so much trouble together. It certainly kept me on my toes with them and my younger Son & his friends. And for all I knew about, I wonder what they got by with. However, they made it to adulthood and the guys turned out to be men that would make any feminist proud to know. Most of the time.

At any rate, I've cut the smaller pieces now for the 3 PIF projects and will chain stitch them, cut them apart and press, and see how they work. These projects are some that I am doing without a pattern. I am sure there will be more to say about them tomorrow.